A Modern Mirth Audio Presentation
Another Lost American Classic:
Cole Porter's "Lovesick"

Kevin Kline as Cole Porter in “De-Lovely.” To achieve authenticity in his portrayal of the songwriter, the actor had his legs crushed by a horse.
One morning in June of 1938, Cole Porter found himself lying on the floor of his bathroom throwing up violently after a late night of sophisticated repartee, urbane patter, quipstering, eyebrow arching, powerful narcotics and discrete sado-erotic proto-Nazi sex with a few of his swanky society friends.

Painfully pulling himself up on his withered legs (only recently shattered in an equestrian accident), he was suddenly seized with the idea for a song, and hobbled across his Waldorf Towers suite to the piano. He completed the tune, along with 5 or 6 others, in a 4 minute writing session, (a lengthy marathon for the usually fastworking tunesmith). Then he collapsed in a heap, forgetting completely about this new work.

Happily, a young swell with whom he had arranged a tryst for later that day arrived early and, finding Porter unconscious on the sustain pedal, rifled his pockets looking for money, drugs, and free tickets to “the Big Brouhaha of 1939.”
But, finding only a scribbled lead sheet and some really nasty handkerchiefs, the young man ran hurriedly out of the apartment and onto the path would ultimately lead him to the Senate of the United States.

Lost for decades, the song recently surfaced on Ebay. Now, the moment is as ripe as the odor of that lead sheet to present for the first time Cole Porter’s Lost Classic - Lovesick.

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performed by Vil Towers & Judy Nazemetz