The Clowntroversey
With all of the guffaws, chortles, titters, snickers, and yawns in the July issue of Modern Mirth, what was the subject of the most reader response?

The picture of the clown.

Seems a lot of people really, really hate clowns. A brief sample of opinion on the subject:

“If there's even the slightest hint of clowns, I won't be visiting.”

“Once knew a guy who got over his fear of scary clowns by thinking about spotty puppies.”

“Evil, funny, sad, goofy or otherwise. ALL clowns are scary. I have never liked them. .........So damn creepy.”

“Don't ask me to explain why I detest clowns... just find them to be vile.“

“My significant other hates clowns. Absolutely loathes them. I don't think it is fear, but there's something about clowns which are disturbing to some people.”

“Maybe the spotty puppies will make the bad clowns go away...”

Get the picture?

OK, first, it is
just a picture -- a painting in acrylic on Masonite® by Pat Davis.

Second, the clown isn’t some sort of mascot or something. We just thought it would nice to march into the future with a leader of our own choosing.

Third, we like the picture. But, ever sensitive to the needs of our visitors, it will henceforth hang in its own little gallery, where it can be puzzled over at leisure. You can uncover you eyes now.

Of course, we also received many kind and congratulatory comments about the magazine itself:

“I would not waste my time with your site or my knife with your balls. I might, however, be willing to rip your head off and piss into your lungs...”

[Mrs. Cheney, please. - ed.]