This Christmas --- Give the Gift of Freshness
with the Amazing

ionic breeze

Everyone knows people who could use a little Freshness® in their lives! So, the Ionic Breeze Air Freshener System is the perfect gift. Nothing cleanses the air of dirt, bacteria and foul odors like the Ionic Breeze, so give one to each of your friends -- and your loved ones, too!

They'll think of you --- and thank you --- every day throughout the year!

Give this IONIC BREEZE™ to your best friend for her for smelly Living Room!

Give this IONIC BREEZE™ to your mother for her disgusting Bathroom!

Give this IONIC BREEZE™ to you carpool driver for her filthy Car!

And as a special "thank you" from us, when you give all three, you'll receive our brand new Anal Plug IONIC BREEZE™... with our compliments! Surprise your hubby on on Christmas morning... and have a Freshness Filled® Christmas Night! *

*Anal Plug Ionic Breeze guaranteed for one full year against Dutch Ovens, Barn Burners and SBDs in non-liquid form. Certain restrictions apply.