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October 2004:
Pre-Election Debate Issue

September 2004:
The Blat; Children's Letters to Osama; Little School Boy; Super Heroes in Training; An Internet Conversation; Hurricane Aftermath; Lynne Cheney's Puzzle Page; Kiddy Lit; Lee Barron's Parallel Universe; Film qua Film; Jenniferville; Doggerel; Caption This

August 2004:
The Blat; Lost American Classic; Super Heroes in Training; Yanni Takes a Dive; Reagan Death Comedy Jam; Green Chili Gila Monster Surprise; Security Street; Lee Barron's Parallel Universe; Film qua Film; and more!

July 2004:
The Blat; Growing Up Right; Nachos for 5000; Destination: Australia; Firecracker Safety; Fringe Fetishes; Donald Rumsfeld Went To Iraq & All We Got Was This Lousy Postcard; The 200th Anniversary of the Constitution; Lee Barron's Column; Film qua Film

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