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November 3, 2004
Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged! Word to the wise: change your passwords before you break up with your boyfriend! I finally got it all sorted out, though it did cost me twenty bucks. What a nightmare!

Oh my God, I am soooo glad this election is finally over! I think all the bi-partisan bickering really tears this country apart and is bad for America. I mean, I have nothing personal against people who are bi, but why all the partisan bickering? Why?! It just makes no sense. I mean, you'd think someone who was bi would be more apt to see both sides, not less. But like I said, I have nothing at all against people who are bi. I'm not bi myself, but I have noticed that if guys aren't paying enough attention to me, all I have to do is start making out with a girl. Nothing will get a boy away from the PlayStation faster than two girls macking and groping each other in the next room. Seriously, LOL!! Boys are soooo predictable, LOL!!

I couldn't vote this year because I'm only 19, but I wish I could have. I'm a little disappointed that Bush won because he is almost an exact duplicate of this man at my hometown church who hit on me a few times on retreats and stuff. I was like, "Dude, I'm 15 and you're all saggy and gross!" I never actually said that, but that's what I thought. Every time I see Bush do his grin, I get creeped out like he's rubbing up against me at a dance, which makes it tough to keep up with the news.

On the other hand, I went to high school with a girl named Carrie Edwards, and she was a complete bitch. And a lying whore! So I probably would have voted Green Party or Libertarian. One of my professors this semester is a Libertarian, and he always has the best pot anytime you go over to his house. Oh my god, I had no idea, but that stuff I was smoking freshman year was total ditch weed! LOL!! Not that I cared, LOL!!! The guy who sold it was very cute, and he played guitar, and was always talking about politics and the Green Party. He was very into the environment, yet he still was always clean and showered and stuff-- a riddle wrapped in a mystery! I had quite the crush on him, but he had this girlfriend who was always around, so I could never really make my move. It was like she didn't trust him or something, which I don't think is healthy for a relationship.

But honestly, in my political experience: between the Green Party and the Libertarians, the Libertarians have the better pot, by far.

Oh my God, I just remembered the coolest thing! I didn't get to write about it before because of my computer/ex-boyfriend problems, but I have a Jewish friend, and I didn't even know it! And it's my roommate Suzie Hirsch, can you believe that? Back at the end of September, I asked her if she wanted to go to this party with me, and she was like, "Oh, I wish I could, but I promised my mom I'd go to the Jewish Student Center for Yom Kippur," and I was like, "Why would she want you to do that?" but then I found out that she was Jewish so it made sense.

You would never know Suzie's Jewish. I mean, we have fun hanging out, but she's not hilariously funny like they are on Seinfeld. And she's not like one of those over-the-top Madonna-type Jews, but it's still pretty cool to finally know a Jewish person. I'm even more diverse than I thought! Check another one off the list!

I was surprised to learn that Jews are allowed to celebrate Halloween. I thought that was strictly a Christian holiday, but I thought wrong. Not the first time, LOL!!! But the more the merrier, I say! We went to a very fun Halloween party at the Kappa house. I went as Jessica Simpson and Suzie went as Ashlee Simpson because she's brunette. Then I would talk and she would just move her mouth. Is that hilarious?! LOL!!! It was my idea though. Like I said, for a Jew, Suzie isn't that funny. But she's still very cool though, and we had a great time! Or at least, I assume we did-- I can barely remember, LOL!!! We got soooo drunk, LOL!!! I do remember Suzie threw up in this guy's lap while she was pretending to deep-throat him (really it was just a beer bottle though), and I was like "Oh no, Ashlee's acid reflux is acting up again!" and everybody laughed sooo hard! Except for Suzie and that guy. She was running to the bathroom, and he was all like, "Shit, man, this is a rental! I'm gonna lose my deposit!" What a jerk! He didn't even care that Suzie wasn't feeling well. All he could think about was his deposit on that bear suit.

It makes me sad that people are just sooo into themselves, they can't even laugh at a hilarious joke you made. Because, I'm serious, it was hilarious, LOL!! I'm laughing now just remembering it, LOL!!! Sometimes, when I say something totally hilarious like that, I wonder if maybe somewhere back down the line there's a trace of Jew-blood in me. Wouldn't that be cool?! Then I could work in Hollywood!

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11/3/04, 9:21pm

Hey girl!
That was an awesome great party! And I hardly had a hangover! I think it was because of throwing up-- tip for the future! Hey, I'm gonna be staying at Dirk's for a couple of days while his roomie is out of town for a funeral, so I probably won't see you until Friday or so, but would you mind changing my name to "Suzie Hirsch" or something? I'm worried my mom might Google me-- she is soooo like that.
    Thanks girl!
    --Esther Rabinowitz