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September 1, 2004
Hooray! I finally got my Blog up and running! Well, technically, it wasn't me that got it up and running, it was my new boyfriend Jason. He's quite the computer whiz! Unlike me, LOL!! I can barely find the "on" button, LOL!! I'm not kidding, LOL!! Seriously, LOL!!

But first a little about me... I'm female, and a sophomore at ValleyMont College. Technically, I'm kind of still a freshman from a "credits" standpoint because I had some scheduling problems last semester. Too many of my classes were in the morning and I just couldn't make it to them. So I wound up failing some of the ones I didn't drop. But it is my second year of college, regardless of how many classes I may or may not have passed, so I think that counts. Sophomore is all a state of mind, and quite frankly, internally within my own being, I know I'm not a freshman anymore. I've seen way too much to ever be a freshman again. Or "freshperson" to be politically correct, LOL!!

Anyway, I'm sooooo glad to finally have this Blog up on the internet. I have so many thoughts in my head that want to burst out, sometimes I think my head might literally explode from all the thoughts in there. Seriously, I have that many thoughts, much more than most people I know. Like sometimes, I'll ask a friend "What are you thinking," and they'll say "Nothing," but if you ask me that question, I've always been thinking something. Every time. Seriously.

Now that I'm a sophomore, I think it's time for me to get serious about the world, you know? I mean, the world is where I live, and so I can't just act like it's not important anymore. And that's why I started this Blog. It's like my forum for important issues and stuff, because if we don't tell people what we think, then how is anyone going to know what we think? They aren't, I don't think. So finally I have a Blog to get my thoughts out into the world, and Jason even figured out how to include a "Comments" section, so that when you read my thoughts, you can have a place to agree with me and add additional support for what I said.

It's like I was telling Jason, stuff keeps happening all over, and we can't just ignore it! We have to make our voices heard, or if not our voices, at least our typing. Because if we ignore the issues, then the issues will ignore us, and if the issues aren't aware of us being aware of them, then we'll be even more screwed than what we already are, which is a lot, quite frankly.

But don't worry that this blog is going to be all heavy and stuff all the time, I'm not at all a "no fun" political person. I'll be blogging about all kinds of important things besides politics, like music and skin care and my personal life. And also, this is a great way for me and my friends to hook up with all the parties and social scene! My parents might have restricted my cell phone, but they can't restrict my computer. I need it for school, LOL!!

I love to laugh, as you can probably tell, LOL!! I think laughter is what keeps us happy, even when we're sad. Like right now, I'm laughing about stuff, even though I'm a little sad about other stuff. For example, things just aren't working out with Jason, and I really have to break up with him, which is kind of sad. I mean, he's very sweet and nice and all, but still. It's basically over. I just have to figure out how to tell him. He's taking me to Olive Garden (my favorite!) later tonight, so maybe when he's walking me back to the dorm I'll break the news. Wish me luck. I'll need it, LOL!!!
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