Peterxx3: Is my friend teeneyjenny online?

teeneyjenny: I sure am!

Peterxx3: I missed talking to U Jenny. smiley

teeneyjenny: I missed talking to you Mr. Webster!

Peterxx3: What did I tell U about calling me Mr. Webster? Come on, I'm your buddy, George.

teeneyjenny: I'm sorry, George. Sometimes I forget cause I'm only 12.

Peterxx3: Well, I have a surprise for U... do U want to know what it is?

teeneyjenny: I sure do. I luv surprises! heart

Peterxx3: I've reserved a room for me + U at the Days Inn for tonight. winkey

teeneyjenny: I have a surprise for U. My name isn't really Jenny. I'm Special Agent Tyler with the FBI.

Peterxx3: Stop being silly Jenny. They don't let 12-year-old girls in the FBI.

teeneyjenny: Again, this is Special Agent Tyler and I'm part of a task force that monitors the Internet for sexual predators.

Peterxx3: For a 12-year-old you have a vivid imagination, Jenny.

teeneyjenny: Hey Creep, I'm not 12 years old. I'm Special Agent Tyler with the Milwaukee Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. My name is not Jenny.

Peterxx3: Well guess what? My name isn't George Webster. LOL!!! tongue

teeneyjenny: We know that. Your real name is Wendal David Alexander.

Peterxx3: No it's not. It's

teeneyjenny: It's obvious you just made up that name. You even typed "" while you were thinking.

Peterxx3: For your information, is my middle name. I'm Bob uh er Bobson and I live in........ Boston.

teeneyjenny: Your name is Wendal Alexander. You load bread trucks on the night shift at the Rainbow Bread Manufacturing plant. U live at 2107 Haller Dr. in a suburb of Milwaukee. We have your house surrounded.

We just saw you peek out the curtains. There's no way for you to escape. Come out of the house with your hands above your head, Mr. Alexander.

Peterxx3: Mr. Alexander? Is that whose house I broke into? You see, I'm a master thief and I broke into Mr. Alexander's house so I could get on his computer and talk to little girls. Oh no! I hear a noise. It's Mr. Alexander. He wants to know who I am and what am I doing in his house? I tell him my name is Bob uh er Bobson and now I get up run out the back door so fast he can't catch me.

Hello? I don't know who this is is but my name is Wendal Alexander. Some guy was in here using my computer. I'm scared. scared Someone please contact the police. What? There's knocking at the door. That was quick. I don't think people give enough thanks to the law enforcement community. And I hope they catch that guy who was typing on my computer. I think he said his name was Bob Bobson. He looked like a priest.