Never Again!

How many times have we heard those words before?

It seems that every time something bad happens, somebody says "Never Again!" But then the same thing, or something like it only worse, just happens again.

History is littered with all sorts of bad stuff that happened, then was supposed to Never Happen Again, but then happened again. Like the Holocaust, "The Apprentice 2," and you not knowing about new issues of Modern Mirth before everyone else does.

Put an end to this sad cycle of bad things not never happening again! Let us tell you before we tell anybody else when the next issue of Modern Mirth is ready. Then, whenever someone looks at you like you're a loser, you can smile and silently lie to yourself: "Never Again!"

"Yes! I'm tired of being out of the Loop of Life. Just once, I want to know something before everyone else does. Please tell me when the next Modern Mirth is ready!"

And perhaps one day we can all work together to prevent another "Apprentice."