Dr. James Dobson

An important message from Dr. James Dobson:

You used to let your kids watch Nickelodeon
You thought the shows they put on were all just for fun
A giggle here, a chortle there and no harm done
But I must tell you something bad today--

Our fight for decency has made mighty leaps
But the Liberals in Hollywood are playing for keeps
My staff has information that gives us the creeps
And you just might want to throw your set way

SpongeBob Squarepants is a homo
That's the news we're giving you today
He's cute but it's clear his goal is that of every queer
He wants to lead our little dears astray
They claim he's just teaching us diversity
But that's an alibi, I'm here to say
He'll pretend he's just a friend, ah, but he has his own agenda
SpongeBob wants your kids to grow up gay

They have him say you're born the way you're meant to be
But that's not what our Lord has always said to me
We have to keep a watchful eye for deviltry
The Sodomites are smart, you can depend

Their cartoons start our kiddies down an evil path
Telling them that sin won't lead to God's great wrath
Ten years later and they're in some boys town bath
Taking it right in the old rear end

SpongeBob Squarepants is a homo
An invention of the pervs who run TV
He's the type we have to hinder if we want to save our kinder
From the vile clutches of the pink conspiracy
I know he seems so innocent and nice and pure
But rest assured he'll lure them all away
We have to send him packin', get some family values back in
'Toons that smash and bash are A-OK...
But not characters who've shown up
To get blown instead of blown up
No, don't let SpongeBob turn your children gay!

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