Valentine's Day

lee barron Message to Self: Please be Mine

I remember those long cold winter nights spent in front of a roaring hearth when you put my hand into the fire to remind me that I was still alive.

We saw every movie premiere together. We spent many a fun-filled day at Disneyland together.

We cried together when we saw a revival of the play "The Music Man." Cries of joy, that is.

One on the town; we shared the same taste in fine wine.

We loved the same nightclubs and shook our booty to the same songs.

We watched the sun set until sunrise in the intimate setting of what we called "our own private pier" where we talked each other out of jumping into the foamy bubbling waves leaving our tear stained note.

No more thoughts of doubt or dread, "Does he really love me anymore," all that crap, because I know that we were truly meant for each other.

And so as I raise, then lower the knife to you--

Please be mine, my funny funny Valentine.

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