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January 17, 2005
Well, the new semester is underway. I'm not too excited about my classes this semester, but I'm sooooo glad to be back at the dorm and not at home. I mean, I had a good Christmas and all, but there's only so much Mom you can take. But I must say, I had the MOST AWESOME EXPERIENCE over the holidays which has like totally changed me!!!!

So what happened was, a couple of days before Christmas, my roommate from here, Suzie, called me up and asked me if I wanted to go out that Saturday. So I explained to her that Saturday was Christmas night (she's Jewish) so there wouldn't be anything open except maybe some Catholic Mass which I didn't think either of us would be too interested in. But she said she knew for sure of a dance club that would definitely be open, so I said okay and we decided to meet up at 11 after my family went to bed and go together, even though I figured it would probably be lame.

I was sooooo wrong! The place was packed, and we had soooo much fun! I said to this one guy I was dancing with, Wow, I can't believe so many people are out on Christmas night! And he said, We're all Jewish. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather. I had no idea there were so many Jews in town! But I'm sooooo glad there are, because thanks to the Jews I had the best Christmas ever!

Suzie and I were hanging out with this one group, and this guy passed around these little white pills for everyone to take. It turned out to be this thing called X, which I'd never done before, but oh my God it was the single most greatest thing ever! Talk about a Merry X-mas, LOL!!!! I've tried to put my experience into words, but words fail, which is really really rare for me, LOL!!! That's how awesome it was! The colors, the lights, the music, the people, the textures, the absolutely everything, I was just sooooo in love with the whole world, even the parts that I used to not like at all-- it was the most spiritual experience of my entire life! It was truly truly mystical. I will always thank the Jews for giving me that gift.

And it really got me interested in other forms of Jewish Mysticism, like that Kaballah thing. I mean, Christmas night really made it obvious to me that the Jews are onto something here with the whole mysticism bit. So I'm starting a Kaballah study group here at school to learn more and introduce it to my peers. I picked up the paperwork for starting an official student organization from the Student Union today, and I can't wait to fill it out and get started. I'm going to call it the Kampus Krusade for Kaballah. I decided to use all Ks because it's "kuter" and "katchier" LOL!!!!! I hope it catches on and maybe even spreads to other schools. Wouldn't it be neat if in a few years there was a chapter of the KKK on every campus in America? I mean, kampus, LOL!!!!

I don't know too much about Kaballah yet because I'm just starting out, so I really hope I can get some actual Jews to join the KKK, just to get the ball rolling. But I mean cool young Jewish people like Suzie who will make it fun and interesting. Kaballah isn't just for old Jewish men who wear hats and long black coats even in the middle of summer, it's for everyone. I mean, just look at Madonna. She sure doesn't dress like a rabbi. She's into Kaballah, but she still dresses like a porno actress, which I think is very brave at her age.

I know Kaballah is all ancient and stuff, but I really want it to appeal to people like me, so I'll need an awesome logo, something that's totally contemporary and not all scroll-looking. There's this Graphic Design major I know named Antwan. He has dreads and used to be a grafitti artist. He's totally urban and into hip-hop so I know he'll be perfect to design a hip logo for the KKK. I mean, what could be hipper than hip-hop? It's got hip right in the name!

And also, Antwan is the exact type of person that I'd be interested in joining the KKK. The KKK is all about diversity and fellowship and spirituality, so I want our membership to reflect that. Plus, African-Americans are a very spritual people to begin with. I mean, they don't call those songs "Negro spirituals" for nothing. I know Antwan will design me a great logo, and I really hope he'll be interested in joining the KKK! I sent him an e-mail asking if he'd like to help me with a "really cool project" and he wrote back saying we could meet tomorrow evening-- he was busy tonight because it's Martin Luther Day. I'm sooooo excited to tell him all about it!!!

Well, better sign off now. I have a LOT of paperwork to fill out.

KKK 4-ever!!!